How to Screen Daycare Workers

finding daycare workers

Finding and Screening Workers for Your Daycare

If you have started a daycare in your church then you need to know how to screen your workers. Daycare operators agree that one of their biggest challenges is finding and retaining qualified daycare staff. When you have applicants you need to ensure that they are right for your daycare and that they have the correct qualifications.

Know The Qualifications

Certain daycare worker qualifications are required to work in a daycare and you need to know what they are. The requirements will vary depending on the state that you are in. Some states require daycare workers to have certifications in early childhood education. However, other states will only require certification in childcare.

When you screen your workers you need to consider what qualifications they have. You should also consider how long they have had the qualification. Older qualifications in early childhood education could be outdated and this needs to be considered. You may consider checking with local pediatricians for potential workers for your daycare. Search online for Primary Care Pediatrics facilities and you will come up with plenty that you can contact.

The Character Of Your Staff

While qualifications are essential to abide by state laws, you also need to consider the characteristics you should look for. Daycare staff need to have a warm personality and be positive about life. If they are not then the children at the daycare could be the ones to suffer. It is important that you remember that children are impressionable and will pick up the attitudes of their caregivers.

Complete A Background Check

If you have a candidate who has the correct qualification and character then you need to perform a background check. In many states, this is a legal requirement because your workers will be dealing with children. If there are any red flags in the background check then you should not hire the person.

It is best to have the background check completed by a professional. There are a number of companies that offer this service and you need to look at them. They will be able to find information that you will not have access to which could make all the difference.

Do They Fit Into Your Church

As you are going to be holding the daycare in your church you need to consider whether the person is a match for the church. There are some churches that would like for all of the staff to be of the same religious denomination. If this is the case it will generally be outlined in the contract that you would sign with the church to use their space.