Tips for Running a Great Church Daycare Program

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Running a Winning Church Daycare

Opening a church daycare program might seem like the hard part, but running it successfully is more important. There are a number of tips that you can consider to ensure that you have a great daycare program.

Look At The Staff

Who you employ is one of the most important factors in having a great daycare program. You need to ensure that the workers are all properly trained and certified to provide care to a number of children. You need to ensure that your caregivers are not given too many children and are not able to cope.

When you do this you will be lowering the quality of the program and you could be breaking the law. Many states will have regulations on how many children a caregiver can work with at any time. You should look for signs that your staff are overworked because you could have a high staff turnover if this is the case.

Have The Right Equipment

The majority of your equipment needs to be education and play related. You should ensure that all of the equipment is age appropriate and that it offers a wide variety of activities. As you are going to be part of the church you need to consider some church related activities for the children. Of course, you will need to ensure that the parents will be happy for you to provide these activities.

Have A Nap Schedule

One part of daycare is ensuring that the children have a nap time. It is recommended that you have a nap schedule that you have all of the children on. A well-rested child will generally be easier to handle and the nap time will give employees a break from the children. When nap time comes you need to have an appropriate space for all of the children.

You need to provide a place for the children to rest and ways to keep them comfortable. In the winter you will need to provide blankets to keep the children warm.

Have A Snack Schedule

The food that you provide to the children needs to be nutritious and on a well-planned schedule. Look at having colorful vegetable and fruits which the children will want to eat. Getting their attention with the appearance of the food will be the first step to getting them to actually eat it. You should also have a register of any children that have dietary restrictions.