Does My Child Need Therapy?

As a former educator on many different levels, I can tell you that I have seen thousands of kids in front of me. Kids are always full of energy and ready for life’s next adventure; however, life isn’t perfect and unfortunately, many kids learn that way too early in ways that we all wish could be avoided. And sometimes, kids exhibit behavior and seem to be dealing with issues for which the cause appears to be unknown. For whatever reason, you may be asking yourself this question: Does my child need therapy?

If so, where do you turn? If your child does need therapy, it is important to understand as a parent what is going on. It is important to look for and recognize warning signs that something is wrong and that your child needs help. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, sometimes the actual problem is still beneath the surface, which means the cause is still unknown at the time. Even if you do know the cause, you can only do so much as a parent. It takes a community of loving people and the right professionals to help guide children out of the problems they face as they grow up.

child therapy

If a child were to have problems at school, the teachers, principal and school counselor would need to get involved. You as the parent would have the primary role, but it is important to know where to turn to help your child. What is going on?

As I said earlier, I am a former educator. I have seen all kinds of situations that call for children needing therapy. In light of that, I can’t stress how important it is to not be dismissive of even the simplest of signs. That doesn’t mean you have to be overprotective in your watch for problems. It does mean, however, that you remain vigilant and look to the right sources for help when it is necessary.

Your level of communication with your child is also very important. I can also testify to the importance of the role a therapist can have when it comes to helping children in the aftermath of a tragedy. It was the single biggest lesson I learned as an educator, one that I will never forget. Are you asking yourself this question: Does my child need therapy? If you are, then the answer is to look into your options because it can’t hurt.