Best Church Daycare Toys and Supplies

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The Right Toys and Supplies for a Church Daycare

Taking care of children is a ministry that many people feel led to. However, anyone who has taken care of children can tell you that when you do so, there are certain toys and supplies that can make the task more enjoyable for everyone involved. One popular place where there is childcare or daycare is churches. Since many children visit the church, having the best toys and supplies in the daycare can come in quite handy. Continue reading to learn more and find out what children that visit church daycares enjoy.


First of all, a nice collection of books can be good to have in a church nursery. Children of all ages enjoy reading and making sure that you provide reading material for them can help keep them engaged in a positive manner. Books are also something that the caregiver can use to teach the children or entertain them.

Art Supplies

Another great set of supplies that should reside in church daycares is art items. Many kids enjoy creating, no matter what age they are. Whether you want to offer crayons and paper or glue and scissors, this is a good option for children of all ages. Making sure that you have the proper daycare art items offers so many different possibilities.

Age-appropriate Toys

You should also include toys in your church daycare. The toys that you choose to offer the children should be those that are developmentally appropriate toys for those in your care. If you are taking care of school aged children, the toys you purchase for them will be quite a bit different than those you purchase for toddlers. Just make sure that you spend some time considering the needs of the children in your daycare. This will keep them happy and safe with toys that are appropriate for their age and their interests.

In conclusion, making sure that your church daycare is supplied with the proper toys and supplies will help make your facility fun, enjoyable, and a place where children thrive. Use the tips that have been shared here to help you find what is best for the daycare that you are a part of. By ensure that you have the things that children enjoy and those that will allow you and others to teach those kids what you want them to know. Toys and supplies can make time fun and educational.