Coping With Bullying

In the best of worlds there would be no reason to even worry about your child being bullied in school, but even in the most controlled schools, it will happen from time to time. While it is important to face the bully and their actions head on when it comes to school administration, it is also important to teach children that coping with bullying properly will help to reduce its emotional impact on them. Knowing the right way to do this is essential as a parent.

One of the most important things you can teach your child is to not create opportunities in which they might be harassed. This is especially true with today’s world of social media and texting. This means talking to them about the serious risks of sharing inappropriate pictures of themselves or others, restricting who can see their social media pages and not participating in any bullying behaviors themselves. This does not mean that the victim is at fault, but smart use of technology will go a long way when it comes to bullying and being safe online.

coping with bullying

Another critical skill to teach your child is to know their self-worth and maintain their composure. If a child is secure in who they are and know that they are loved, it is less likely that bullying can do major damage to their psyche. It is also true that bullies feed off the reaction that they get from their victims. If the child practices the technique of not acknowledging the negative behaviors it is less likely that the bully will continue. Bullying is a means of trying to have power over another’s self-esteem and emotions. When a bully does not succeed, he or she will move on.

With that said, it is also critical when coping with bullying that the child knows that they should reach out to an adult. This can be a teacher, school administration or a parent. By reaching out they are giving adults the opportunity to take action against the perpetrator so that they do not continue to harass other students. It is not good enough to win the battle against the bully themselves; they should know that no one should have to suffer like they have.

This type of negative behavior has become a serious issue in society today. Some children have gone so far as to commit suicide, which is unacceptable. Anything that can be done should be done to put a stop to this horrible trend.