How to Screen Daycare Workers

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Finding and Screening Workers for Your Daycare

If you have started a daycare in your church then you need to know how to screen your workers. Daycare operators agree that one of their biggest challenges is finding and retaining qualified daycare staff. When you have applicants you need to ensure that they are right for your daycare and that they have the correct qualifications.

Know The Qualifications

Certain daycare worker qualifications are required to work in a daycare and you need to know what they are. The requirements will vary depending on the state that you are in. Some states require daycare workers to have certifications in early childhood education. However, other states will only require certification in childcare.

When you screen your workers you need to consider what qualifications they have. You should also consider how long they have had the qualification. Older qualifications in early childhood education could be outdated and this needs to be considered. You may consider checking with local pediatricians for potential workers for your daycare. Search online for Primary Care Pediatrics facilities and you will come up with plenty that you can contact.

The Character Of Your Staff

While qualifications are essential to abide by state laws, you also need to consider the characteristics you should look for. Daycare staff need to have a warm personality and be positive about life. If they are not then the children at the daycare could be the ones to suffer. It is important that you remember that children are impressionable and will pick up the attitudes of their caregivers.

Complete A Background Check

If you have a candidate who has the correct qualification and character then you need to perform a background check. In many states, this is a legal requirement because your workers will be dealing with children. If there are any red flags in the background check then you should not hire the person.

It is best to have the background check completed by a professional. There are a number of companies that offer this service and you need to look at them. They will be able to find information that you will not have access to which could make all the difference.

Do They Fit Into Your Church

As you are going to be holding the daycare in your church you need to consider whether the person is a match for the church. There are some churches that would like for all of the staff to be of the same religious denomination. If this is the case it will generally be outlined in the contract that you would sign with the church to use their space.

Coping With Bullying

In the best of worlds there would be no reason to even worry about your child being bullied in school, but even in the most controlled schools, it will happen from time to time. While it is important to face the bully and their actions head on when it comes to school administration, it is also important to teach children that coping with bullying properly will help to reduce its emotional impact on them. Knowing the right way to do this is essential as a parent.

One of the most important things you can teach your child is to not create opportunities in which they might be harassed. This is especially true with today’s world of social media and texting. This means talking to them about the serious risks of sharing inappropriate pictures of themselves or others, restricting who can see their social media pages and not participating in any bullying behaviors themselves. This does not mean that the victim is at fault, but smart use of technology will go a long way when it comes to bullying and being safe online.

coping with bullying

Another critical skill to teach your child is to know their self-worth and maintain their composure. If a child is secure in who they are and know that they are loved, it is less likely that bullying can do major damage to their psyche. It is also true that bullies feed off the reaction that they get from their victims. If the child practices the technique of not acknowledging the negative behaviors it is less likely that the bully will continue. Bullying is a means of trying to have power over another’s self-esteem and emotions. When a bully does not succeed, he or she will move on.

With that said, it is also critical when coping with bullying that the child knows that they should reach out to an adult. This can be a teacher, school administration or a parent. By reaching out they are giving adults the opportunity to take action against the perpetrator so that they do not continue to harass other students. It is not good enough to win the battle against the bully themselves; they should know that no one should have to suffer like they have.

This type of negative behavior has become a serious issue in society today. Some children have gone so far as to commit suicide, which is unacceptable. Anything that can be done should be done to put a stop to this horrible trend.

Homeschool Or Public School?

home school vs public school

Education for children is critical if they want to get where they want to go. It also opens up opportunities and possibilities, making it a fundamental focal point for parents. But which approach is the best? Homeschool or public school?

This is not an easy question to answer because there are so many variables that go into the mix. Which is why both options should be looked at objectively.

The Public School Option

When looking at the advantages of public schools, socializing tends to rise above the rest. Interacting with their peers forms an important part of development, even when the situation isn’t always pleasant. They might also feel more motivated when learning among their peers.

In terms of whether a child is getting a quality education in a public school remains a heated debate. However, nobody can deny that elements such as bullying and peer pressure have increased over the years, putting unnecessary stress on those who suffer through it.

There’s also the matter of safety, which all parents should keep as a top priority. Not all public schools can be regarded as safe.

The Homeschool Option

The alternative is homeschooling, and it solves many of the problems public schools are faced with. For example, the student/teacher ratio is much more efficient, a more comfortable pace can be followed, and there are no bullies around to make trouble. And, of course, it is the safest place your child can be.

On the downside, children miss out on a lot of experiences when they homeschool. And while this isn’t necessarily a bad thing when looking at the state of public schools, it can put them at a disadvantage on a social level.

In fact, not socializing is the biggest factor parents need to take into consideration when asking which approach is better regarding homeschool or public school. However, recreational activities, such as sports, might be able to bring that balance back. Just because a child goes to school at home, doesn’t mean they can’t participate in other things with their peers.

The Answer To The Question?

You need to decide what is best for your child, and it’s a good idea to discuss it with them, seeing as they have to deal with the situation directly. But ultimately, there is no right or wrong. It’s a matter of what your child needs.

Finding The Right Child Psychologist

Many children have it tough nowadays due to the complex nature of the world and everything around us today. Children have so much more to take in today that it can be overwhelming for most kids, even when they have loving parents by their side. In many situations, parents aren’t sure what to do which is why it is recommended that they take their child to the right psychologist.

When taking a child to a psychologist it is very important to find the right one because children can be difficult if they don’t get along with the person trying to help them. You may have to search around for different child psychologists before settling on one that is perfect for the both of you. Before attending the first session it is perhaps a very good idea that you research the psychologist to see their background. You may have better luck taking a boy to see a man and girl to see a woman. For some kids, they just feel more comfortable speaking to certain people.

Finding the right child psychologist can be difficult and extremely stressful as you try to figure out what’s bothering your child. If it is divorce related you may want to take your child to someone who specializes in this area. They understand the loving nature needed and the tender approach to this delicate situation. A person who understands parental divorce can speak to your child in a way that comforts them and puts them at ease so they look forward to meetings with the psychologist.

If you are having trouble finding the right child psychologist it may be something else that is bothering your child. You may want to take them to a regular doctor at first, just to rule out any other conditions. If everything checks out, it just may be a change in psychologists that is needed, or perhaps the child must be put on a different medication.

child psychologist

It can be hard trying to figure out what is bothering a child because many children find it difficult to open up about their feelings. But with a good child psychologist, it won’t be long before you see a friendship emerge where the child easily opens up and talks about his or her feelings. It may take some time and patience, but it sure beats the alternative which is doing nothing.

Does My Child Need Therapy?

As a former educator on many different levels, I can tell you that I have seen thousands of kids in front of me. Kids are always full of energy and ready for life’s next adventure; however, life isn’t perfect and unfortunately, many kids learn that way too early in ways that we all wish could be avoided. And sometimes, kids exhibit behavior and seem to be dealing with issues for which the cause appears to be unknown. For whatever reason, you may be asking yourself this question: Does my child need therapy?

If so, where do you turn? If your child does need therapy, it is important to understand as a parent what is going on. It is important to look for and recognize warning signs that something is wrong and that your child needs help. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, sometimes the actual problem is still beneath the surface, which means the cause is still unknown at the time. Even if you do know the cause, you can only do so much as a parent. It takes a community of loving people and the right professionals to help guide children out of the problems they face as they grow up.

child therapy

If a child were to have problems at school, the teachers, principal and school counselor would need to get involved. You as the parent would have the primary role, but it is important to know where to turn to help your child. What is going on?

As I said earlier, I am a former educator. I have seen all kinds of situations that call for children needing therapy. In light of that, I can’t stress how important it is to not be dismissive of even the simplest of signs. That doesn’t mean you have to be overprotective in your watch for problems. It does mean, however, that you remain vigilant and look to the right sources for help when it is necessary.

Your level of communication with your child is also very important. I can also testify to the importance of the role a therapist can have when it comes to helping children in the aftermath of a tragedy. It was the single biggest lesson I learned as an educator, one that I will never forget. Are you asking yourself this question: Does my child need therapy? If you are, then the answer is to look into your options because it can’t hurt.

How To Find The Best Pediatrician

If you’re trying to find the best pediatrician, you’ll want to know how to go about it. There are many ways to learn more about a pediatrician without actually making an appointment with them. Here are a few to get you started.

Ask Your Family Doctor

Many times, when a woman is pregnant, her family doctor will give her some recommended pediatricians. She can then go over the list with her doctor and find out more about them.

She should also factor in whether or not the pediatrician takes her specific insurance, how long they’ve been a pediatrician, how they interact with children and if they have any specialties.

Ask Friends And Family

Often, there will be friends and family members that have little ones as well. Don’t be afraid to ask them about their pediatrician. Find out why they do or don’t like them.

Ask specific questions regarding the staff. Find out what each person’s experiences were with that pediatrician as well. The more you know, the more you can make an informed decision.

Ask The Gynecologist

When a woman is pregnant she’ll usually see a gynecologist. When she is in the office she can inquire about their recommendations regarding a good pediatrician.

Be sure to ask how long they’ve been in business and why the gynecologist recommends him or her.  Again, the more information that is gleaned, the better.

Check Online

Do a simple online search for pediatricians. You can often learn more here. Read reviews and why others liked or didn’t like the pediatrician that you’re looking up.


Find out what major medical centers they’re associated with and inquire from them as well. Ask pertinent questions such as whether or not they’re on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Things To Consider

Find out if the pediatrician has an after-hours procedure should there be an emergency. What medical center will you be sent to should there be an emergency?

Is there a 24-hour nurse hotline? Is a co-payment expected at the time of service? Is your specific insurance accepted? How long is the average wait time in the office if you have an appointment? Do they take walk-ins?


Clearly, the more questions that you ask, the more information and the more informed decisions you can make. When looking for a pediatrician there are many important details to consider.

Best Church Daycare Toys and Supplies

nursery toys and supplies

The Right Toys and Supplies for a Church Daycare

Taking care of children is a ministry that many people feel led to. However, anyone who has taken care of children can tell you that when you do so, there are certain toys and supplies that can make the task more enjoyable for everyone involved. One popular place where there is childcare or daycare is churches. Since many children visit the church, having the best toys and supplies in the daycare can come in quite handy. Continue reading to learn more and find out what children that visit church daycares enjoy.


First of all, a nice collection of books can be good to have in a church nursery. Children of all ages enjoy reading and making sure that you provide reading material for them can help keep them engaged in a positive manner. Books are also something that the caregiver can use to teach the children or entertain them.

Art Supplies

Another great set of supplies that should reside in church daycares is art items. Many kids enjoy creating, no matter what age they are. Whether you want to offer crayons and paper or glue and scissors, this is a good option for children of all ages. Making sure that you have the proper daycare art items offers so many different possibilities.

Age-appropriate Toys

You should also include toys in your church daycare. The toys that you choose to offer the children should be those that are developmentally appropriate toys for those in your care. If you are taking care of school aged children, the toys you purchase for them will be quite a bit different than those you purchase for toddlers. Just make sure that you spend some time considering the needs of the children in your daycare. This will keep them happy and safe with toys that are appropriate for their age and their interests.

In conclusion, making sure that your church daycare is supplied with the proper toys and supplies will help make your facility fun, enjoyable, and a place where children thrive. Use the tips that have been shared here to help you find what is best for the daycare that you are a part of. By ensure that you have the things that children enjoy and those that will allow you and others to teach those kids what you want them to know. Toys and supplies can make time fun and educational.

What to Look for in a Church Daycare Program

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Which Church Daycare is the Best for Your Child?

If you’re looking at church daycare programs there are a few things that you may wish to consider prior to enrolling your child. To begin with, not all church daycares are the same.

About the Employees

You’ll want to know how experienced the employees are, even in a church. Don’t let the fact that you’re dealing with a church daycare lull you into a false sense of security.

Employees should have extensive experience in dealing with children. They should also be certified and pass a background check. Background checks will check for any domestic violence, former child abuse, and any sexual misconduct. You would never want someone with those charges in charge of your children when you’re not around.

About Tuition and Fees

Many church daycares give members of the church a steep discount in the cost of daycare. These steep discounts are a great way for parents to save money. Remember, if you stop attending the church, your costs will go up if this is the type of daycare that you’ve chosen.

Keep in mind that many church daycares offer the daycare only to church members, others will offer the services to the entire community. Focus on what works best for you and your specific needs.

About Conditions

How are the toys and other items in the daycare cleaned and sanitized? Is there a spray, are they washed weekly or daily? This information is important, especially if your child has cleaning supply allergies.

Other things to look for are whether or not the daycare is kept clean and sanitary for your children. How is the daycare cleaned? Do the employees clean it or is it done by a church janitor? What are the cleaning standards?

Other Considerations

Some will have a church-based daycare curriculum that they focus on during the day, others will simply be like any other daycare. Always ask before enrolling your child.

Church daycares are a great way to get involved in your church. Some of them work on a rotating basis. You would donate an afternoon in exchange for your child being there on other afternoons (or mornings or however it’s set up).

Focus on what you must have and work out from there when you’re considering a church daycare situation. Is it close enough to your home or office? Can you afford it? Are they up to your standards in cleanliness and atmosphere? Once you’ve answered these questions, you’re well on your way to finding the best daycare situation for your child.

Starting a Daycare in Your Church

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How to Start a Church Daycare Program

The decision to start a daycare in your church is not something that should be taken lightly. There are a number of legal requirements that you need to meet and you will need to ensure that you have the right staff. It is important that you take the appropriate steps to starting the daycare center to ensure you are doing the right thing,

Making The Decision

There are a few points that you should consider before you commit to starting a daycare. The first is to consider what the needs of your community are and if there are already daycare facilities in the area. If there are facilities then you should check if they meet the needs of the community or if there is a gap that you can fill.

You also need to look at the daycare capacity of the building. Classroom space does not mean that there is space for a daycare because the spaces will need to be used differently. If you cannot accommodate many children then you need to consider if the daycare is feasible. You also need to consider the impact of the daycare on the church congregation.

Check The Legal Requirements

Each state has different daycare center regulations and you need to verify what they are in your state. The state will have daycare licensing requirements that you need to look at and the qualifications that the people working in the daycare center need to have. There are also regulations on the amount of space that is required for a specific number of children.

Insurance will also need to be looked at and they could have some requirements as well. Many insurance companies require training and safeguards against abuse when they insure a daycare. It is recommended that you contact the local church council to find out if there have been problems with licensing before.

Setting Up

Once you have taken care of all the legal requirements you can start to set up your daycare. The first point you should look at is the purpose of the daycare. You need to consider why you are going to be doing this as part of the church and if you are going to be looking to minister to families.

Once you know the purpose you can create your daycare mission statement. This will include the goal of meeting the needs of the children and families. The mission statement should also include a commitment to high standards of care.

Tips for Running a Great Church Daycare Program

 daycare program tips

Running a Winning Church Daycare

Opening a church daycare program might seem like the hard part, but running it successfully is more important. There are a number of tips that you can consider to ensure that you have a great daycare program.

Look At The Staff

Who you employ is one of the most important factors in having a great daycare program. You need to ensure that the workers are all properly trained and certified to provide care to a number of children. You need to ensure that your caregivers are not given too many children and are not able to cope.

When you do this you will be lowering the quality of the program and you could be breaking the law. Many states will have regulations on how many children a caregiver can work with at any time. You should look for signs that your staff are overworked because you could have a high staff turnover if this is the case.

Have The Right Equipment

The majority of your equipment needs to be education and play related. You should ensure that all of the equipment is age appropriate and that it offers a wide variety of activities. As you are going to be part of the church you need to consider some church related activities for the children. Of course, you will need to ensure that the parents will be happy for you to provide these activities.

Have A Nap Schedule

One part of daycare is ensuring that the children have a nap time. It is recommended that you have a nap schedule that you have all of the children on. A well-rested child will generally be easier to handle and the nap time will give employees a break from the children. When nap time comes you need to have an appropriate space for all of the children.

You need to provide a place for the children to rest and ways to keep them comfortable. In the winter you will need to provide blankets to keep the children warm.

Have A Snack Schedule

The food that you provide to the children needs to be nutritious and on a well-planned schedule. Look at having colorful vegetable and fruits which the children will want to eat. Getting their attention with the appearance of the food will be the first step to getting them to actually eat it. You should also have a register of any children that have dietary restrictions.